Monday, June 21, 2010


Getting ready to move so I've been real busy throwing things into boxes and then painting my nails all "abstract" to procrastinate. That means I just paint my nails all messy with all the colors I have. A little splatter and I've got mini Pollocks on my finger tips.

CONFESSION, I've given in twice now and smoked the drug cigarettes, and I'm still smoking my stupid American Spirits but not all that regularly.

I have however not had a single drink in eleven days which floors me. I really didn't think I could do this. I'm still curious to know what it would be like to reaaaally go with out any smoking at all, but right now I'm pretty happy with the huge lifestyle change I've made with the drinking. I am astonished every day I go without, and it really has been/is my most destructive distraction.

On another note I've been feeling a little gothic recently and am getting excited about decorating the new place in an assortment of dead things. I really want a fox head, but any good looking taxidermy wall mount will do. Lemme know if you find anything.

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