Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drink Eight


Bought Valerian root to take to help me sleep. My papa swears by it.

Doing great on the no sex front. For dinner I made myself a sausage salad smeeeeared in creamy goat cheese.
Oh sausage salad you're so good and smeared I like to put you in my mouth and then chew you up and eat you oh yes sausage salad thank you so much.

Also today I went stress shopping and bought these tortuously painful cheap like a whore heels to wear around the house for when I'm feeling destructive. It works like a charm. They are not to be worn outside but can be worn in the bedroom. You know for when I stop eating sausage salads and start eat.. I forgot my mom reads this. hi mom.

Passing sober time vainly again. Here are the whore heels.

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  1. I love you and think you should consider publishing this after the month.

    Just sayin'...