Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Seven - One Week of Sober

I almost did it. I almost chugged a half full bottle of medium grade pinot grigio. I almost drank straight from the bottle of medium grade (but very good quality for it's price range) vodka.

We were having a mom party. My mom and sister came in for dinner at our apt. and so did my roommates mom. And then they left, and I almost did it. But my dear friend Los was here, (not helping mind you, he tried to convince me wine is food) and when he left he helped big time and I had him take all the booze all away. And then another dear friend came who is also taking a stab at the whore that is sobriety, and he charged me up with love and listened to me whine.

And then he left and I was in an apartment all alone (which I can't stand often because in my house growing up there was always someone around, always) and I lay in bed and not even the dumb cats would come cuddle. And I couldn't sleep but then it started pouring. And pouring. And pouring. And I became exhausted, and I let it rain.

This is it, this is the longest I've gone without drinking maybe since I started. Or at least...moved to NY. 5 years?

This is absolutely exhausting.

but yay let me go celebrate with some mojitos!!! woooo! who's in!
(that was a joke..)

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