Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day One

4:23 pm: Dear Blog, it's around 4:23 and I'm itchy for a Corona to go with my salad from Chipotle. It's so sticky and hot outside and I've been running around all day. A cold Corona right now would be like kissing Leonardo DiCaprio underwater like in that scene from Romeo and Juliet. But this is Day One, so I'll refrain and distract myself by thinking about chubby mariachi men kissing underwater instead.

9:14 pm: Just got out of acting class, running to the subway so I don't have time to think about a ciggaretttttttte!

10:05 pm: Home! Stopped at the bodega on the way and purchased a few things for dinner. Lemonade and soda water to replace my usual vodka soda with lime. Some beans for the cupboard. And for dinner I ate four half sour pickles and two chicken sausages. Hmm.


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