Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Twelve

Dear Blog,


Don't worry though it's actually not as hard as all those capitals letters made it sound in your head.

While packing I uncovered this little sexy flask of mine, containing what smelt like whiskey but looked like vodka, dear lord knows from how long ago. (I think I was imagining the whiskey smell because I miss it most).

My first urge of course was to swig it and lap up the last few drops of maybe year old alcoholic grossness but I quickly dumped it out. What a shameful object. I remember stashing it in my purse at work years ago when I was a hostess at a horrible lincoln center Italian restaurant. I remember downing it all in the bathroom stall and thinking "shit! that's it?" Granted it was a horrible place to work and I was required to wear heels and prance around for 8 hours. I was the only girl with the BALLS to drink at work. I remember so often having to wipe lipstick off the mouth of it. Carrying it around juuuust in case.

Thank you Urban Outfitters, for making this shameful object, thank you for making my alcoholism look sexy. It's all I ever wanted.


Along with wanting a dead pet for my new apt I've been having an overwhelming urge to get a tattoo lately. Or get some more ear piercings, or these shoes. Sideffect of sobriety?!? Is sober Kaija a little goth girl? Is this the real me? Is a previously drunken and submissive darker Kaija now sober and showing her sharp gnawing teeth? I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT!

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